is the preamp/overdrive for players who want to explore the world of colours between black and whitenuance, texture, expression.

K1 is not just an on/off overdrive. K1 is a team player. It works with your guitar and amp to make the most of what you already have. It is not an ”amp in a box”. It doesn't want to be the star. K1 wants to work with you the player to help get the most expression out of you and your gear.


If you already have a good guitar and favourite amp you don't need some little box to take over your sound.


K1’s comprehensive controls are not there to overwhelm your existing rig. They are there to let you finely tweak it to suit your sound perfectly.


Take the time to know K1 and you will be rewarded with the most expressive sound you can get from your guitar.


gives you the opportunity to go from clean to snarl with just the pressure of your fingers. From a whisper to a scream, and all points in between.